Back on the rings today, but this time for kipping muscle ups

Lever Action
5 rounds of
7 Muscle Ups
14 Power Cleans @ 155/105
21 Box Jump Overs @ 24/20

Workout Guidance:
We have a highly technical workout here to finish out the week! For our muscle-ups today, we should seek to do them on the rings. One of my favorite scaling options for athletes who are relatively strong, but not yet able to do muscle-ups is to do a transition on the low rings with a support at the end. From that support they can even do a ring dip if they’re especially strong in their upper bodies. This is a good option for today because the volume on the muscle-ups is relatively high, and we’ll have barbells and boxes out on the floor so some of the more logisitically challenging options might not be available to us. Our power clean weight today should be something that allows us to work comfortably in quick singles the entire time, and our box jumps should take us no more than 90 seconds per round.

Box Brief:
Core Conversations Seminar
Saturday August 13th @ 10:30am
Click HERE for details.

Zero One Nutrition Challenge starts August 26th!
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King of The Mountain 24 Hour Event
Saturday September 10th @ 9am at Mount Abram
Click HERE for details.

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