Nicole in the zone! Let’s go!

“Roller Coaster”
4 rounds of:
1 min Toes to Bar
1 min Power Snatch 75/55
1 min Thruster 75/55
1 min Calorie Bike
2 min rest
*Post score to comments

Wod Guidance
Do not think of this as one round! Push, yes. But also pace from the start. Break things up into sets. The power snatch and thruster weight should be a weight you could do twenty or more reps unbroken. Hit the bike hard at the end of each round, you do have two minutes rest in between rounds to recover.

Box Brief
It’s the weekend baby!
Save the date! Pool party July 20th at Ana and Rod’s house!
New article by Coach Kathleen! You can check it out here

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