Justin and Erin

In 31 Minutes…
Buy-in: 42 Calorie Bike
7 Strict Pull-ups
4 Deadlifts (335/225)
18 Push-ups
400 Meter Run

Every other 400 Meter Run complete with a 45/25# plate.

Today’s workout will be in honor of Coach Erin’s friend, Justin Poitras, a Boston firefighter and former US Marine. Justin passed away on July, 4th 2018 from a head injury he sustained in a collision when riding his motorcycle. Justin has saved 6 lives with his healthy, thriving organs that were donated shortly after his passing.

Significance of Numbers:
31- Years of Age
42- Engine Number
7-4-18- Date of passing

It all starts off with a tribute bike ride. Justin LOVED heavy deadlifts and also liked workouts with basic bodyweight movements that he did in the marines- strict pull-ups and push-ups. The plate run is to signify running with a load of firefighter gear.

Box Brief
Core Engagement/Stability Seminar going down this Sunday 7/15 at 9am! There will be no Sunday Yoga.

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