5 rounds of
30 burpees
30 KBS @ 70/53
30 Pull-ups

Workout Guidance:
Eva is a grindy CrossFit benchmark that involves a lot of running and pulling. Today we want to pick a weight on the kettlebells and a scale on the pull-ups which allow us to maintain sets of 5-10 the entire time. Even if we’re capable of doing bigger sets initially, we want to do the small sets to start so that we can keep our arms from fatiguing in the later rounds. Our runs should not be fast today. We want to pick a pace that allows us to breathe and recover between our gymnastics and weightlifting that’s taking place inside. The good news is that if we go out with a more conservative pace, then we can always ratchet it up in rounds 4 and 5. However, if we go out too hot, the time can balloon up and our later rounds can take twice as long as our rounds in the beginning.

Question of the Day:
What’s something that feels like it never ends?

Box Brief:
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