5K Run
5k Run

Workout Guidance
While most of us aren’t experienced runners, we are used to the pacing that’s associated with a 5k Run. For most of our athletes the 5k will take between 20-30 minutes. We do workouts in this time domain all the time, and you are all great at pacing this style of workout. We know that starting off, we should feel like we’re not moving that fast. Keep in mind, we’re most likely pacing for a 25+ minute run, so the first 10 minutes should feel relatively easy. The tough part of this workout is minutes 10-20. This is where having a buddy is important. We want to move with someone who’s going to push us, but whose pace we should be able to keep up with. After minute 20, it’s time to empty the tank and pour out whatever you, just like you do in the last few minutes of every workout!

Question of the Day
What’s your favorite breakfast restaurant?

Box Brief
Gym Closed Sunday 4/17

**Save the Date!**
7th Annual 24 Heroes Fundraiser
When: May 29th – May 30th
Where: TILT Southborough – 12 Southville Road
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Return to Running Seminar
When: Saturday April 23rd @ 10:15am-11:15am
Where: TILT Waltham – 40 Jones Road
Cost: FREE
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