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“King Tut”
For time:
10 Burpees
10 Burpees
25 Plank Shoulder Taps
10 Burpees
25 Plank Shoulder Taps
50 Lunges
10 Burpees
25 Plank Shoulder Taps
50 Lunges
100 Sit-ups
10 Burpees
25 Plank Shoulder Taps
50 Lunges
100 Sit-ups
150 Air Squats

*Wear a vest if you have one

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General Warm Up:
2 Rounds
:30 Running in place
:30 plank + press into ground, think of leaning into one side with arms straight
:30 push up to down dog
:30 shoulder taps
:30 Spider-Man with twist both directions
:30 Soldier kicks
:30 slow sumo squat
:30 sit ups
:30 Squat therapy, or 5 reps

Movement Specific Warm Up:
4 Step back, step up burpees
4 step back, jump up burpees
4 jump back, jump up burpees

5 Lunges, same leg
5 lunges, opposite leg
10 lunges, alternating/game time choice

4 sit ups, legs straight
4 sit ups, knees bent + feet down, chest to thighs
4 sit ups, butterfly (hips open)
5 reps of game time choice

8 Air squats, with 3-sec pause at bottom
8 Air squats, with 1-sec pause at bottom
10 reps Air squat at game time choice
Warm Up Round:

4 burpees
5 shoulder taps
6 lunges
7 sit ups
8 air squats
WOD Modifications
Reps of respective movements: 10/15/30/75/100

Burpees to plank or elevated item, if not going to ground
Shoulder taps can be a static plank hold of :25
Lunges can be same side, or reverse depending on athlete needs -or- alternating single leg glute bridge (
Sit ups can be static hold tuck crunch for an accumulated :90
Squats to target, or static hold against wall for accumulated 2:30
WOD Guidance
Saturday grind baby! Keep a steady pace and keep moving!
Question of the Day
What’s one pair of sneakers you had growing up that you wish you had today?