Sretch Armstrong
1 mile Run
10 rounds of
10 Push-ups
10 Wall Balls
800m Run
5 rounds of
10 Push-ups
10 Wall Balls
1 mile Run

Workout Guidance
This workout is long, containing 150 reps each of push-ups and wall balls, and over 2 miles of running. With this in mind, we need to try to find rest throughout the workout. When we run, we should be at a comfortable pace, because this will give our lungs and shoulders an opportunity to rest. We should break up our push-ups from the start. 4-3-3 is a great way to break up a set of 10. 10 is a relatively small set on wall balls however, and if we feel like pushing we can attempt to do all our sets of wall balls unbroken today.

Question of the Day
What childhood toy is still fun to play with?

TILT Holiday Party- Saturday, December 18th @ 6pm-12pm – Click HERE for all details.

Thanksgiving Holiday Schedule-
Thursday 11/25 – 7am and 9am classes only

Friday 11/26 – Gym Closed

Saturday 11/27 – Open Gym 9am-12pm

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