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“Chutes and Ladders”
2 rounds of
600m Run
60 Medball Cleans
400m Run
40 Medball Box Step Ups
200m Run
20 Burpee Box Jumps

General Warmup
400m Run
:30 Air Squats
300m Run
:30 Box Step Ups
200m Run
:30 Up Downs

Movement Specific Warmup
Medball Clean
5 Medball Hang Clean
5 Medball Clean

Medball Box Step Up
10 Medball Box Step Ups (Low Box)
10 Medball Box Step Ups (Workout Height)

Burpee Box Jump
3 Up Down + Box Jump
3 Step Down Step Up + Box Jump
3 Drop Down Step Up + Box Jump

WOD Modifications
Distance, Row, Bike,Ski
Bodyweight Step Up
Tuck Jump

Tabata Time

 Committed Club
Congrats to the following Athletes below for making it into the club!
Jo Agne
Mike Ward
Elise Kumar
Dave Sebastianelli
Marissa Sebastianelli
Craig Santos
Paulo Pinto
Nadia Abuelezam
Vinnie Minnucci
Nicole Foreman
Sean Bronson
Jess Bronson
Chris Lowe
Chris Fox
Kristi Pucillo
Dan Pierson
Rachel Wagner
Robin Wagner
Alex Babitzky
Stella Atwood
Dale Tapply
Jess Ortega
Liz Llewellyn
Debbie Johnson
Matt Jackson
Lisa Polesello
Paul Duddy
Eleviana Araujo
Silmara Perozin
Kevin Sarro
Mike Milofsky
Gretchen Freihofer
Shonda Morris
Leo Bovenschulte
Erica Bovenschulte
Fred Distefano
Luna Lopez
Xochitl Lopez
Paulo Matos
Ellie Matos
Nancy Purpura
Sue Ciaffoni
Mark Anderson
Carie Facemire
Hannah MacLean

Box Brief
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