Fairlee gearing up to get the bar overhead on a thruster!


Death by Thruster
*Post load and score to comments

WOD Guidance
Nothing better than thrusters to start off our week! You can climb or use the same weight across for our strength part. The “death by thruster,” is where you will climb in reps on the minute. Minute 1 perform 1 thruster, minute 2 perform 2 thrusters, minute 3 perform 3 thrusters, …etc. For the “death by thruster,” use a weight that will allow you to get to the ten minutes and up.

Question of the Day
If you could do anything for your last week of summer, and money is not a factor, what would you do?!

Box Brief
Let’s gear up, sign up, and get ready for TILT Combine! Sign up at the front desk!
Ascent Protein Sampling Tuesday night!
+1 Strict Pull Up/ Push Up September Challenge coming soon!
Summer Promo now until the end of September!

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