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“Super Smash Brother”
AMRAP 3 x 5
6 Dumbbell Power Cleans (3 Right + 3 Left)
6 Push-ups
6 Air Squats
Rest 1 minute between rounds

General Warm Up
2 Rounds
:30 Toe Taps to DB
:30 Air Squat
:30 Walk out to Plank
:30 Good Morning

Movement Specific Warm Up
Dumbbell Power Clean
10 DB Deadlift
10 ¼ Squats
10 Hang Power Clean (5 Right + 5 Left)
10 DB Power Clean

:30 Plank Hold
10 Scap Push Up
5 Knee or Elevated Push Up
5 WOD Push Ups

Air Squat
:30 Slow Air Squat
:30 Bottom of Squat Hold
:30 Air Squat

WOD Modifications
Power Clean- DB Hang Power Clean, DB Deadlift
Push-up- Elevated Push Up, Knee Push Up
Air Squat- Squat to Target, Hip Thrust

WOD Guidance
Push the pace but do not go out too fast! Unbroken on all movements and a hold consistent number of rounds! Finish strong!

Question of the Day
If you were an action figure what would your catch phrase be? And what items would you come with?

Box Brief
Virtual Beer Mile Saturday at 1PM!
Mother’s Day WOD Sunday at 10AM!
This week’s challenge CLICK HERE!
24 Heroes Event May 24! More details CLICK HERE!
Please help support Stack and Liza with raising money for those affected by COVID-19. CLICK HERE for more details!

Tabata Time

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