Deadlift – 10/8/6/4/2

15 Deadlifts @ 135/95
15 Hand Release Push-ups

Workout Guidance
Todays workout is a two parter, where the first component has us building up in deadlift weight and the second has us using a moderate weight deadlift coupled with a hand release push-up. We’ve discussed in in these workout breakdowns before, but when the deadlift is our strength component we should stay away from doing “touch and go” reps, or bouncing the barbell off of the floor. One thing to keep in mind when doing your deadlifts today is that no individual set should be an all out effort. On our 10s, 8s, and 6s, we should keep in mind that we still have sets of 4 and 2 to worry about, and even on our 4s and 2s we’re still going to be deadlifting in our conditioning piece. On any given strength set we should always feel like we could comfortably do 1-2 more reps if we had to. On our conditioning piece today we should pick a weight that allows us to either go unbroken, or take one break on the sets of 15 (so maybe doing 9 reps followed by 6 reps). Our hand release push-ups are a particularly grinds movement that will fall apart as we get closer to our 10 minute time limit. Expect your coach to go through a lengthy push-up progression in order to get you to the scaling option that’s going to work for you.

Question of the Day
Who’s the coolest female action hero?

Box Brief
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