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“Super Mario Kart”
3 rounds of
800m Run/1000m Row/2000m Bike
100 Double Unders
*Rest 2 Min After Each Round*

General Warm Up
:30 Line Hops
:30 Down Dog Pedal Feet
:30 Jog in Place
:30 Line Hops
:30 Spiderman
:30 Jog in Place

Movement Specific Warm Up
Jump Rope

:30 Single Unders
:30 Higher Jump Single Unders
:30 Double Tap
:30 Double Unders

100 M Run/Row, 200 M Bike
:30 Knuckle Dragger
:30 Knee Pull
:30 Quad Stretch
100 M Run/Row, 200 M Bike
:30 Toe Walk
:30 Heel Walk
:30 Traveling Spiderman
100 M Run/Row, 200 M Bike
:30 High Knees
:30 Butt Kickers

WOD Modifications:
Run/Row/Bike/Ski- Modify distance
Double Unders- Reps: Modify so you spend no longer than 1:15 on your rope!
Single Unders, Line Hops, Double Taps, Jumping Jacks

WOD Guidance
Good conditioning work today! Stay consistent and hold a moderate pace on the run, row, bike, or ski! Relax your shoulders on jump rope! Recover on the rest and finish strong!

Question of the Day:
Are salt and vinegar chips offensive or delicious? Nobody feels medium about them.

Box Brief
“Just Doodle It” with Coach Brian, Monday at 7PM!
“Guess that Song” with Coach Tully, Friday at 7:30PM!
“Guys Night” with Coach Mick, Saturday at 6PM!

Tabata Time


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