Times Tables
3 rounds of
21 Pull-ups
42 Wall Balls @ 20/14
84 Double Unders

Workout Guidance
Today we have a workout that’s all shoulders, all the time. While kipping pull-ups and wall balls do use the hips and core to generate power, we’re going to feel the fatigue set in in our shoulders first. One thing that we can do to manage this fatigue is to take lots of breaks early, even when we feel fresh. A good strategy might be to do our pull-ups as 6-6-5-4, and do six sets of seven on our wall balls. While this might seem excessively slow for the first round, wait to be surprised when you blow by the other athletes who went bigger in rounds two and three. The advantage of starting with a strategy that’s on the conservative side is that we can always choose to speed up in later rounds. If we start hot and go too big too early, we risk blowing up and having to go excessively slow as we finish the workout.

Question of the Day
What subject was the hardest for you to learn in school?

Box Brief
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