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“AQC Workout 3”
For time:
50 Dumbbell Deadlifts
50 Abmat Sit-ups
50 Box Step Ups
50 1-arm Dumbbell Thrusters
*20 minute cap

General Warm Up
2 rounds of
:30 Good Mornings
:30 Slow Sit-up (Arms Crossed on Chest)
:30 Knee Pull to Chest
:30 Alternating Spiderman

Movement Specific Warm Up
10 Deadlifts (No equipment)
10 Single DB Deadlift
10 Double DB Deadlift

5 Butterfly
5 Feet Flat
5 Legs Flat

Box Step Ups
10 Low Box Step Up
10 Workout Height Step Up

5 Air Squat
5 Air Front Squat Right
5 Air Front Squat Left
5 Air Push Press Right
5 Air Push Press Left
5 Air Thruster Right
5 Air Thruster Left
5 DB Front Squat Right
5 DB Front Squat Left
5 DB Push Press Right
5 DB Push Press Left
5 DB Thruster Right
5 DB Thruster Left

Warm Up Round
6 Deadlift
6 Sit-ups
6 Box Step Ups
3 1-arm Thrusters Right
3 1-arm Thrusters Left

WOD Modifications
Deadlifts- Weight, 1 Dumbbell, Odd Object, Good Morning
Sit-ups- anchor feet, leg raises, hollow hold (2 minutes)
Step Ups- height, lunges, glute bridges
Thruster- Weight, Odd Object,Air Thruster, Air Squat, Front Squat, Push Press

WOD Guidance
We have a chipper today! Manageable sets on deadlifts with quick breaks, keep moving on sit-ups and step ups. Hold on for bigger sets for thruster. Push at the end!

Question of the Day
Create and name the next Jeni’s Ice Cream flavor

Box Brief
Last workout of our Affiliate Quarantine Cup!!!
New Class Schedule!
Trivia Night Tuesday at 7PM!
Get your points in for the Affiliate Quarantine Cup! To keep track click HERE!

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