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Buzz Class
2,2,2/4,4,4/6,6,6 …
Strict Pull Ups
Single Arm Dumbbell Squat Clean
Burpees over DB

Buzz No Equipment
2,2,2/4,4,4/6,6,6 …
Odd Object Row
Odd Object Squat Clean
Burpee over Odd Object

General Warm Up
:30 Mountain Climbers (slow)
:30 Hops to plank/Frog hops
:30 Spiderman to air squat
:30 Good morning
:30 ring row/light Dumbbell bent over row (double hand)

:30 Mountain Climbers (faster)
:30 Hops to plank/Frog hops
:30  Air squat
:30 Good morning
:30 ring row/light Dumbbell bent over row (double hand)

Movement Specific Warm Up
5 easy Ring Row or light Dumbbell/ OddObject row per side
5 scap retractions (on rig or with dumbbell bent over row)
5 strict Pull ups

:30 ALT Dumbbell/Odd Object Deadlift
:30 slow Dumbbell/Odd Object squat
5 Dumbbell/ Odd Object Squat Clean per side (use light weight then repeat with workout weight if both are available)

4 step/step -step over burpee
4 hop/step – step over burpee
4 hop/snap – step or hop over burpee

Pick any pulling movement! Pull Up, Ring row, Dumbbell bent over row etc.
Weight on Dumbbell/ weight of Odd object
Try a power clean if you are not squatting!
Stick to normal burpees if you are not hoping/stepping over!

WOD Guidance
Break up your strict pull ups early
The first few rounds are a trap! Move smooth from the start and don’t try tp outrun this WOD!
Alternate hands each rep or after a few on your dumbbell squat cleans!

Question of the Day
Let me set the scene, you are at a restaurant, the dessert menu comes, what PERFECT dessert option are you hoping for?