Strike The Gold
3 Rounds:
7 Bar Muscle Ups
50 Sit-ups
1,000 Meter Row

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WOD Guidance
Find a challenging modification for the bar muscle ups today.
Decide to either work strength or skill.
Breath on the sit-ups.
Find a steady pace you can maintain throughout all three 1000m rows.

Box Brief
Signups for the Fit for Life Challenge start TODAY!
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Check out Coach Kathleen’s new blog post on minerals HERE.

Our February Vacation Kids Class starts today!
Who: Children ages 4-6 years old
Where: 31 Union Avenue, Sudbury, MA
When: Monday 2/18 – Thursday 2/21 @ 11am-1145am (4 classes)
Cost: $15/class
How to sign-up? Show up 10 minutes before class to sign-up! Or.. sign-up online HERE.
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The CrossFit Games Open is approaching…interested in signing up? Click HERE.
Every Friday, during all classes, we will be taking on the open workout.
We will be doing Friday Night Lights, every Friday at 530pm for the next 5 weeks!