Mobility/Flexibility Assessment Workshop
with Coach James

When: Sunday, April 3 @ 9:00-10:00am
Where: TILT Southborough – 12 Southville Road
Cost: $20 – your TRIIB account will be charged
How to Sign-up: Sign-up at the front desk! Sign-up sheet will be in Sudbury, Waltham and Southborough
What: The Mobility/Flexibility Assessment Workshop will take attendees through a 8 part Mobility/Flexibility Assessment for some of the major joints in the body (Ankles, Knees, Hamstrings, Hips, Shoulders, and Wrists). This assessment will help you determine areas in which you might be lacking mobility and/or flexibility and in turn could be causing you pain when performing certain movements!
The workshop will include the mobility/flexibility assessment, some movements to help improve the mobility/flexibility of each area tested, and a workout in which you will then have a better understanding of what movements you should be modifying and ideas on how to modify. After the workshop, you will receive an email from James with your results and movements to look out for that could be causing you pain! This workshop should help you better communicate with your coaches to tailor the workouts to fit your needs and hopefully work out pain free!
If you have any questions, please reach out to James at