Indoor Set Up!

TILT II Family!

We are excited to announce our indoor reopening plan in Sudbury! We will be starting indoor classes beginning Saturday, September 26th!

Beginning this Saturday, all classes in Sudbury will be transitioning to indoor classes. See more details below regarding indoor procedures, facility set-up, how you can still workout outside, and more!

Indoor Workout Member Procedure:

  1. You must reserve your spot for class via TRIIB. Class reservations begin 72 hours prior to class start time.

  2. On the day of class, please wait in your car until 5 minutes before your class time.

  3. Put on your mask and walk through the front doors of TILT.

  4. When entering, please answer our COVID Indoor Questionnaire.
  5. Use the provided hand sanitizer, grab a disinfecting wipe, and head to an open station. Once on a station, you may take off your mask if you would like. All stations are separated to ensure social distancing. Additionally, we have made partitions to create barriers between members.

  6. Wipe down the equipment you will be using for the workout. (the equipment will already have been wiped down as well prior to class)

  7. Have a totally awesome time throwing down with your friends!

  8. After the workout, grab another disinfecting wipe and wipe down your equipment and area.

  9. Exit the building out of the front entrance.

  10. See you tomorrow!

Open Gym- During open gym, there will also be designated stations for members spaced out for social distancing. The same procedures for classes will apply for open gym slots.

Indoor/Outdoor Class Checklist:

  1. Mask

  2. Water Bottle

  3. Yoga Mat/Towel (if you would like)

Indoor Facility Set-up

Our Sudbury location will be able to hold up to 18 people per class. All workout stations are separated 14 feet apart from each other in front and back. In addition, partitions have been made to create a barrier between members. Masks will not be required once you are on your station. However, if you would like to wear a mask, you are more than welcome to wear one! Cleaning will be done before and after classes, during off hours, and at night with our professional cleaning crew.


  1. Will the bathrooms be open? Yes- they will be open. You must wear a mask while in the restrooms. Only one person will be allowed in the restroom at a time.

  2. Will the showers be available for use? The showers will be closed at this time.

  3. Will the water fountain be open? Yes- for refills only. Please bring your own water bottle.

  4. What if there is running in the workout and social distancing is not possible? Please wear a mask that you can pull over your face when passing other athletes while running outside and into/out of the gym.

  5. Will we be using the pull-up bars/ring in classes? Yes! We will be programming pull-ups and ring rows in class workouts. Members will be socially distanced and will be required to wear a mask when on the bars/rings. As always, other alternatives can be provided. Members can also use the bars/rings during open gym.

  6. If the weather is nice out, will the class be held outdoors? Yes! The day of class, if the weather is nice, the coach may decide to move the class outdoors.

  7. What if I would rather workout outside? You are more than welcome to workout outside! If the class is being held indoors, the warm-up and movement instruction will happen inside. Once the workout starts, you are more than welcome to head outdoors!

  8. Are children allowed to sit in the front desk area while class is going on? Children will be allowed in the front desk area during class. All children must wear a mask at all times and be distanced 6 feet apart.

In-Person and Virtual Schedule

In addition to our full in-person schedule, we will continue to hold virtual classes. Our virtual classes will continue to be recorded and posted to Vimeo. Check out our in-person and virtual schedules below…


As a reminder, TILT is using the TRIIB app for workout posts, workout tracking, and a platform to reserve your spot for classes. Click HERE for all set-up details. If you have any issues with the app, please reach out to James at

Class Cancellation Policy 

Due to there being restricted class sizes, we have implemented a fee for class no shows/late cancellations. For members that do not show up for an RSVP’d class or fail to cancel through TRIIB, they will be assessed a $10 fee per class. Cancellations must happen at least 8 hours prior to class through the TRIIB app.

If you have any questions about our reopening plan, feel free to reach out to Brian at