A mindful approach to functional fitness with Coach Bleakley

Monday/Wednesday 3:30pm-4:30pm
April 23rd – May 30th 

Tuesday/Thursday 3:30pm-4:30pm
April 24th – May 31st




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The goal of this program is to focus on multiple areas of your teen’s overall attitude, approach, and fitness level as well as to improve not only their physical performance but also impact their overall sense of purpose and well-being. Coach Bleakley learned the foundation of this program while playing for Navy Lacrosse and rounded it out through a lifetime of fitness, coaching and life experiences.

The class will focus on the following fundamentals:

1. Achieve functional fitness. This will improve all areas of your teen’s performance including speed, strength, power, stamina, accuracy, endurance, and agility. They will learn the basics and practice many areas of fitness including conditioning, bodyweight movements, and basic weightlifting.

2. Practice goal setting and measurement. This will improve areas of your teen’s school work and home life. Tools Coach Bleakley will introduce include meditation, building strong habits, and positive self-talk.

3. Learn the principles of high performing teams. Participants will discuss how to practice key principles like honesty, courage and faith, that are present in successful teams.