Some heavy power cleans on the menu today!

Grip and Rip
On a 15:00 clock:
Build up to a Heavy Set of 5 Power Cleans

12 Power Cleans @ 185/135
21 Air Squats

Workout Guidance:
Today we have a two part adventure focused almost entirely on the clean. We’re going to build to a heavy 5 on the power clean today, and our focus should be sound mechanics through all 5 reps each set. For our conditioning piece, we have some heavy power cleans paired with air squats. This may seem simple enough, but the air squat will SIGNIFICANTLY impact the power clean. Focus on a strong shrug to move that bar so you don’t have to squat as low or resort to starfish power on that clean. We should choose a load today that would be a challenging set of 3-5 touch and go reps, and we should strive to cycle the bar today since we’ll only be working for 6 minutes. Repeating sets of 3-6 on that power clean will be the goal for today and then cruising through 21 air squats to get back on the bar.

Box Brief:
Zero One Nutrition Challenge starts August 26th!
We kick off the challenge on August 27th at 8am in Sudbury!
Click HERE for details.

King of The Mountain 24 Hour Event
Saturday September 10th @ 9am at Mount Abram
Click HERE for details.