Friday Good Vibes! Hope and Daphna #DREAMTEAM

3 rounds
21/15 Calorie Row
75 Double Unders
Directly Into…
3 rounds
20 DB Snatches @ 50/35
12 Burpees
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WOD Guidance
Three round sprints back to back! Relax those shoulders on the double unders and smooth and steady on the dumbbell snatches! Push the pace and hold on!

Question of the Day
It’s Friday and you’re going out on the town and you need to buy some gum to keep your breath fresh! Do you go with spearmint or peppermint?!

Box Brief
Happy Friyay!
Save the date! Friday, August 9th, we will be doing a workout for Brian and Erin at 530pm! Social at The Chat after!
Summer Promo deal for anyone looking to start CrossFit at Tilt! $98 plus 1 Free Elements session with a coach starting now until the end of September!

Committed Club
Congrats to those athletes below who made it into the committed club! Well done!
Nadia Abuelezam
Paul Duddy
Silmara Perozin
Dale Tapply
Lisa Polesello
William McCart
Kurt Graham
Kevin Yarkosky
Jamie Denn
Sue Ciafonni
Brian Knopf
Daphna Cox

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