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100 Up Downs
Accumulate 5 Minutes in a Plank
100 Up Downs

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General Warm-Up

:30 Walk out to Spidermans (each side)
:20 Plank (on elbows)
:30 Walkout to Samson (each side)
:20 Plank (on hands)
:30 Walkout to Down Dog
:20 Side Plank (right side)
:30 Walk out to Up Dog
:20 Side Plank (left side)

Specific Warm-Up
3 Step Down, Step Up, Up downs
:15 Plank
3 Jump Down, Step Up, Up Downs
:15 Plank
3 Jump Down, Jump Up, Up Downs

Warm-Up Round
5 Up Downs
:20 Plank
5 Up Downs

WOD Modifications
Reps- 80/70/60/50 Up Downs
Plank- Accumulate 4/3 minutes
Can’t Up Down? Do Step-Ups on a stair, or climb your stairs for 3-4 mins
Can’t Plank? Choose an alternative core movement

WOD Brief
Settle into a steady pace on your first set of Up Downs, stay consistent through the entire set. When you get to the plank it’s a mental battle, have planned set times and hold yourself to those times! Once you get to the second set of Up Downs it’s time to go! 

Question of the Day
Pancakes: Plain w/butter and syrup, chocolate chip, blueberry, smiley face made out of whipped cream, none of the above? What’s your go to pancake?

Tabata Time

Box Brief
Keep track of your points for the Affiliate Quarantine Cup! To keep track click HERE!
Click HERE for more information on the Affiliate Quarantine Cup!

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