“Inspector Gadget”
8 Toes to Bar
10 Dumbbell Hang Clean and Jerk (50/35)
14/12 Calorie Row

Option A:
Toes to Bar – Kipping Knee Raise
DB HPC + J – Scale Load
Calorie – Same as class

Option B:
Toes to Bar – Strict Knee Raise or Ground Movement
DB HPC + J – Scale Load
Calorie – :45

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Virtual Access:
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WOD Guidance
1 or 2 sets on Toes to Bar!
Unbroken HPC&J
Steady Row each round!

Question of the Day
What TILT member would win Best Hair?

Congrats to the following athlete for making it into the club for January!
Jason Summerfield
Nancy Purpura
Brian Knopf
Ben Parker
Dave Sebastianelli
Dan Pierson
Paul Mandina
Matt Jackson
Dave Hanlon
Kurt Upham
John Boyajian
Mike Ward
Nellie Olausson
Leo Bovenschulte
Erica Bovenschulte
Liz Lleweylln
Kevin Sarro
Julia McCart
Lucas Oliveira
Silmara Perozin
Kyle Howes
Luna Lopez
Xochitl Lopez

Box Brief
TILT Affiliate Cup coming SOON! Click HERE for details!
February Mental Toughness Seminar w/ Coach Mick- Click HERE for all details
Kids Fitness Classes– Sundays @ 12:00pm-12:30pm in Sudbury
NEW Virtual Mobility Class- Every Wednesday at 4:30pm-4:45pm starting 1/20
Virtual Wine Night- Thursday 2/11 @ 7:00pm – Click HERE for all details

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