Team Four Loko

Open Workout 19.1
19 Wall Balls (20/14#)
19 Calorie Row

Post rounds + reps to comments. Click HERE to view all standards.

If you are signed up for the Open, remember to submit your scores online.

WOD Guidance
Break the wall balls into manageable sets. Find a steady pace on the rower from the start.

Box Brief
Sign-ups for the Fit for Life Challenge are up at the front desk!
Click HERE for all the info!

Tonight, Friday, 2/22 @ 5:30pm – Friday Night Lights
The CrossFit Games Open starts today…interested in signing up? Click HERE.
Every Friday, during all classes, we will be taking on the open workout.
We will be doing Friday Night Lights at 530pm for the next 5 weeks!

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