Plenty of DB work today!

Deck the Halls
Teams of 2
4 Double DB Power Cleans @ 50s/35s
8 Double DB Deficit Push-ups @ 50s/35s
12 Double DB Front Rack Step Back Lunges @ 50s/35s
Full Round Then Switch

Workout Guidance:
A fun partner workout for today, with some pretty fast rounds. Our DB movements should be unbroken, and potentially all 3 movements done as one unbroken complex. Partners will alternate full rounds, and we’re going to cruise for 20 minutes.

Box Brief:
TILT Holiday Party
Saturday December 3rd from 7pm to 1145pm
The Dudley Chateau – 20 Crest Road, Wayland
This event will be all you can eat and open bar for an all in price of $30 per person
How to Sign-up: 
Sign-up at the front desk! Sign-up deadline is Wednesday Nov 30th. TRIIB account will be charged.

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