“Big Nasty”
3 Rounds:
7 Bar Muscle Ups
50 Wall Balls (20/14#)
10 Burpees
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October 2017 Committed Club

Congrats to our October Committed Club! These members have attended a minimum of 20 classes in the month of August!
Every month, our Committed Club members are put into a raffle for $25 off their next monthly membership. This month’s winner is Ben Parker!

Daphna Cox 28
Charlene Nassa 27
Jamie Denn 26
Jen Hooper 26
Tracey Parker 26
Alex Jones 25
Sarah Toomey 25
Sara Janoff 24
Kerri Helliwell 23
Larry Hoagland 23
Kelsee Howes 23
Meritza Kluge 23
Jo Agne 22
Alex Babitsky 22
Lori Cash 22
Paul Duddy 22
Jono Lapat 22
Emily May 22
Shonda Morris 22
Brady Schlosser 22
Marc Symington 22
Brian Colburn 21
Bob Haarde 21
Rachel Hoagland 21
Brian Knopf 21
Stephanie Lapat 21
Sarah Troiano 21
Lianne Castelli 20
Eddy Denn 20
Carie Facemire 20
Liliana Lopez 20
Ben Parker 20
Anne Yazdani 20

Box Brief

This Sunday, November 5th, Dr. Sean Rockett will be presenting his Injury Prevention Seminar at TILT II. Click HERE for more details.
Sunday Schedule:
Yoga 8am-9am
Open Gym 9am-10am
Injury Prevention Seminar 10am-11am
Open Gym 11am-12:30pm
Kids’ Fitness Class 12:30pm
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