Jess moving some weight and repping team Blue!

For time:
21 Deadlifts, (225/155)
21 Handstand push-ups
15 Deadlifts (225/155)
15 Handstand push-ups
9 Deadlifts (225/155)
9 Handstand push-ups
21 Deadlifts (315/205)
50-ft. Handstand walk
15 Deadlifts (315/205)
50-ft. Handstand walk
9 Deadlifts (315/205)
50-ft. Handstand walk
Time cap: 9 min.

WOD Guidance
We have an Open repeat for 20.3! Strategize this one to break things up on deadlifts and handstand push ups. Pick a moderate weight on your first deadlifts and a modification for handstand push ups if needed. Pick a heavier barbell for your second deadlifts and a modification for handstand walk if needed. Modifications will be provided in class.

Box Brief
Friday Night Lights 530pm!
Team Red hosting BBQ Potluck this Friday!
Make sure to log your points the for the Affiliate Cup! Log your individual points HERE!
Skills Class on Sunday at 9am!


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