Weightlifting Friday!!

Push Press
10 – 8 – 6 – 4 – 2


Sunset Bain
Up Ladder
2/2/2, 4/4/4, 6/6/6, 8/8/8…
Push Press (115/80#)
Chest to Bar
Box Jump Over (24/20″)

Post loads and rounds + reps to comments.

WOD Guidance
Descending rep scheme on todays Weightlifting Friday.
Start low and add weight every set.
On the triplet use a weight you can do big sets on the push press.
Pick a challenging pull-up modification for the chest to bars.

Box Brief
Saturday, January 5th @ 7am-10am – Free Nutrition Consultations w/ Coach Kathleen
Sign up sheet at front desk!

Saturday, February 9th @ 6:00pm – Gronk Nation Team Rowathon
Click HERE for more details.

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