December Gymnastics Seminar
When: Sunday, December 3rd 9am-11:30am
Where: CrossFit TILT II, 31 Union Ave., Sudbury MA
Who: Beginner and intermediate athletes (for those looking to get their first pull-up, become more efficient stringing multiple pull-ups/toes to bar, and for those that want to improve their overall gymnastic movements)
Cost: $30/person

Want to learn the basics of gymnastics and how to appropriately scale a workout to get the same stimulus as it was designed while not feeling “left out” and still seeing progress in your gymnastics movements?

Come out to CrossFit TILT II in Sudbury to learn basic gymnastics from Coach Eamon Coyne-member of the CrossFit Gymnastics seminar staff, affiliate owner, and the 38th fittest 35-39 Masters Male in the world in 2017. Topics covered will be body shapes and mechanics, pull mechanics and scaling and stimulus, push mechanics and scaling for stimulus, toes to bar development, proper prep and cool down, and shoulder health and development. We will talk about programming and accessory work to build gymnastics.

This seminar will be on Sunday, December 3rd and will last 2.5 hours. The cost for the seminar is $30 per person. (your account will be charged through TRIIB) Space is limited to 15 participants from TILT Waltham and 15 participants from TILT II. Registration will open on Monday, November 20th at 8:30am. The first 15 people from TILT II to email Brian at on Monday at or after 8:30am will be accepted for the seminar.