For Time w/Partner
100 double-unders each
100 lunges
100 double unders each
80 DB farmers carry lunges
100 double unders each
60 DB front rack lunges
100 double unders each
40 DB overhead lunges
♀ 25-lb DB ♂ 35-lb DB
*athletes jump rope together, split lunges as desired

Workout Guidance
Today we have a fun partner workout with some double unders and increasing difficulty on some lunge variations. The DBs will need to be on the relatively lighter side today to account for all lunge variations – base your lunge loading off of how well you can perform a double DB overhead lunge. Once you’ve got that nailed, use the same pair of DBs for the whole workout. Partners will jump rope together, and split the lunge reps as you’d like.

Box Brief 

TILT 1 year Anniversary
60 Union Ave – Sudbury
$50 1 Month Unlimited
Contact for more info
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