6 sets
3 push press + 3 push jerk

AMRAP 7:00
20 push presses @ 95/65#
40 double-unders

Workout Guidance:

Today we have a fun two part adventure focusing on overhead pressing. Our complex today is 6 reps total, so it will likely be a moderate load comparatively to what you could lift for 3 reps. This means today is a great day to practice barbell cycling at a lighter load and work on moving the barbell quickly. For our short burner today, choose a barbell load that would allow 1-2 unbroken sets, and then from there keeping your push presses done in 3 sets or better.

Box Brief:
Lift N Chill September Sundays with Eddie – Every Sunday in September from 9am-10:30am @ TILT Sudbury. Click HERE for details.

Monday September 4th – Closed for Labor Day
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