10 rounds
2:00 on // 1:00 off

Workout Guidance
A simple interval workout for today. The work to rest ratio tells us that we’re working a bit more aerobically today, but its a long enough rest to still push a bit. Today, the goal is to hang out around your maximal sustainable pace for a 2:00 window. Find a pace that you can hold, but don’t want to, and dig in.

Box Brief
Monday July 3rd – 7am and 9am Classes Only
Tuesday July 4th – Closed

Suffer on Saturday
When: Saturday July 8th @ 10:30am-12:30pm

Where: TILT Sudbury – 31 Union Ave

What: BIG team of 3 workout + potluck 

Suffer on Saturday is a semi-coached class – your coaches will hop in with you for the workout! This will be a big team of 3 workout consisting of multiple stations and parts…you’ll have to show up to find out! The workout will be released on the day of at 1030am. Your coaches will brief the workout, bring participants through a group warm up, and get after it! Burgers and hot dogs + potluck and BYOB to follow for optimal recovery! We hope to see you all there!

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