We are excited to announce the newest additions
500 and 1000 Club at TILT Sudbury!

1000 Club Additions:
Jo A
Lisa P
Emily M

500 Club Additions:
John W
Rachel W

How do I become a part of the club?
Attend 500 or 1000 classes at TILT!

 What’s in it for me?
Bragging rights, fitness gains, and your picture posted at TILT under the 500 and 1000club wall!

 Check out the 500 and 1000 club below!

 1000 Club Members:
Dave S
Adam S
Daphna C
David H
Mike N
Tracey P
Jo A
Lisa P
Emily M

500 Club Members:
Jamie D
Charlene N
Dale T
Brian K
Elise K
Lianne C
Bob H
Shonda M
Marc S
Alex B
Eddy D
Silmara P
Ben P
Carie F
Phil M
Anne Y
Nadia A
Michelle B
Simone H
Rodrigo D
Brady S
Lori C
Ana A
Sue C
Sarah T
David E
Scott K
Calum D
Mike W
Meritza K
Fairlee F
Nathalie M
Jennifer D
Jennifer H
Nicole F
Erica B
Jono L
Marcelo C
Jess B
Matt J
Kevin S
Dan P
John W
Rachel W

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