The time has come to announce our Fit For Life Nutrition Challenge Winners! Huge shout out to Mark Anderson and Nathalie Camargo for taking the TOP men and women’s spots in Sudbury!

Mark Anderson
360pts + 34 Rep Improvement on WOD

Mark is a great representation of how to make the best of any situation. Through his hectic work schedule where he can only make it to the gym 3 days per week, he makes time to prioritize working out at home, modifying TILT workouts to the best of his ability. During the challenge, he also faced some obstacles in traveling for work but succeeded in preparing his meals in advance, finding a local grocery store and sticking to the challenge guidelines to stay on track! Way to go Mark!!

What Mark had to say about the Challenge: “I really found this one to be extremely practical. Being able to intelligently incorporate things like rice, some dairy, and some other foods that weren’t allowed in previous challenges really enabled me to get my arms around some tools to keep going in day to day life with little kids. I’ve certainly come to grips with the fact that I’m not going to be – nor do I have a real desire to be – perfect with my nutrition, but I feel as though I have a strong base of tools to hold course 80% of the time and then quickly recover when I deviate. That’s where I needed to get! I needed to learn, experiment, and commit, and I think I’m close to doing that.”

Nathalie Camargo
359pts + 25 Rep Improvement on WOD

Nathalie was all in on this challenge from day 1. Having a wedding in the near future as one of her many motivators, she committed to following the challenge in all aspects! She even roped in her fiance, who also saw a great transformation. Thank you Nathalie for your dedication and hard work!

What Nathalie had to say about the Challenge: “I’ve learned a lot since the nutrition challenge. The most valuable lessons from this experience were creating a sustainable nutrition plan for me to use going forward, holding myself accountable/staying disciplined, and committing to meal prepping every Sunday. This challenge made amazing changes to my body, my skin tone, and my complexion. I am grateful for facing this head on and with a full heart.”

We had a lot of great races going on the Sudbury Leaderboard and want to give an Extremely Honorable Mention to Brian Knopf for also attaining a perfect score!

Brian Knopf
360pts + 29 Rep Improvement on WOD

Without a doubt, Brian also put his heart and soul into this challenge. He began addressing his nutrition a few months ago, taking advantage of our one-on-one nutrition coaching, and has since taken matters into his own hands and continues to blow us away. Brian is truly dedicated to being the best version of himself and it shows! Thank you Brian for your unwavering effort!

What Brian had to say about the challenge: “I learned a lot from the Nutrition Challenge. It is so much easier to change your habits when you are part of a program like the challenges at Tilt. Being part of a tribe is what helped me to form and keep those healthy habits. Just doing the food prep, planning what to eat, tracking your food/water intake really make the difference. Eating the right quantity of healthy food really helped me to stay away from the bad processed snacks and sugary treats that are so tempting between meals.”

Thank you ALL for your participation in the Fit For Life Nutrition Challenge! I hope everyone left the challenge with more meal ideas and refined habits for sustaining a healthier diet and lifestyle! Thank you for your feedback, and as always if you have questions or need help in the future please feel free to e-mail me at

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