2017 Internal Team Throwdown

2018 Internal Team Throwdown, Beer Mile, Potluck Information

Schedule for Saturday, June. 23rd Internal Team Throwdown:
8:00am to 9:00am – Gym opens (workout briefing at 8:45am)
9:00am Start – Internal Team Throwdown
*Beer Mile and Potluck to follow

Click HERE to view your teams. Each team will come up with a team costume or theme! If you need contact information for your teammates, please ask Brian.

Event 1 –
2 Rounds:

Partner 1
21 Dumbbell Thrusters
21 Burpees
200 Meter Run

Partner 2
15 Dumbbell Thrusters
15 Burpees
200 Meter Run

Partner 3
9 Dumbbell Thrusters
9 Burpees
200 Meter Run

*Partner 1 does full round, partner 2 does full round, partner 3 does full round, then repeat*

Weights @ 35/20/15/10#

Event 2 –
12 Minute Clock…
Max Weight Complex
9 Deadlifts
6 Hang Power Cleans
3 Front Squats
*each partner will establish a max weight sharing one barbell (35# bar)*

Event 3 –
3 Rounds:
30 Chest to Bar Pull-ups/Pull-ups/Jumping Pull-ups/Kettlebell Swings
30 Calorie Bike
30 Push-ups/Box Push-ups (30/24/20″)
30 Box Jumps (30/24/20″)
*break up the repetitions however you would like*

Each workout will have 3 heats. There will not be heat times. Once a workout ends, the next will start promptly afterwards.

The doors open on Saturday at 8:00am. I recommend getting to the gym early. We will go over standards for the workouts at 8:45am and get things rolling at 9:00am.

There will be a warmup area and athletes will be responsible for warming themselves up (no group warmups).

Official Rules for the CrossFit TILT Beer Mile:
At the call of 3, 2, 1, GO athletes will drink their first beer (Miller Lite). There is no shotgunning or funneling allowed. You must drink the beer from the can. Once you finish your beer, you must dump finished beer over your head and run 400 meters. If there is beer present you will be penalized 15 seconds. If an athlete throws up or urinates during the beer mile that athlete is out. Athletes will complete this couplet of 1 beer + 400m run x 4.

***Although the beer mile will be an amazing time and display of the utmost athletic prowess, please understand that we expect all participants to behave responsibly. We are all adults and you will be expected to act like it.  We all know it’s very illegal and very dangerous to drink and drive.  Please plan accordingly. You will absolutely not be able to drive immediately after doing this fun challenge. Get a ride. Uber. Ask a friend. Hang out for the awesome potluck for a few hours. But no driving. No exceptions. Let’s be smart and have some fun, but let’s do it safely.  If at any time, you want to stop, STOP.  Who will take down TILT II’s 2017 Beer Mile Champion, Coach Erin?!?!

After the Beer Mile, we will start the potluck…We would love it if people would bring a dish (doesn’t have to paleo) and/or something to drink.

See you all then!!

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